Jowie Schulner - Emotronic Diary
Label: Boombar Music
Catalog#: 006
Format: Cassette Tape / Stream
Release: 17 July 2013 (as stream) / 13 April 2014 (as Cassette Tape on Werkstatt Recordings)
Genre: Electronic, Electronica, Ambient, Dreamwave, Modern Classical, Synthpop
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01. Sweet Lake's Lullaby 3.32
02. Emotions 3.23
03. Suspicious 4.18
04. Complexity 2.21
05. Sorrow 3.43
06. Butterflies 4.12
07. At The Heart 3.35
08. Sunset Chase 4.53
09. I Arp You 4.41
10. Two Hearts 3.45
11. A New Day 4.04
12. Bad Rain 3.56
13. Spark 4.47
14. You Will Never Be Alone 4.47
15. L.R.S. 3.13

All music originally composed, produced and arranged by Jowie Schulner. Copyright © 2013 Boombar Music / Jowie Schulner Music - The Netherlands.


"It is rare to find such emotional investment in a record and it is something the requires a great deal of understanding of one's self and how that can translate into a created representation. Like all true artists, Schulner does this with much skill and the constructions are a wonderful window into his muse." - Rick Shithouse (Synthetix.FM)

"This album is one of the most well composed and emotive experiences ever released for Synthwave fans. The tracks are richly cinematic, passionate and even heartrending at times. Absolutely stunning work. GOLD RATING - 10/10" - CARNOV

"Just finished listening to Emotronic Diary for the 2nd time and I must say it is SUPERB. You are a musical genius my friend:)" - Synth Cape Town

"Great Work, Jowie Schulner. I'm really diggin' it." - DreamWave Dave

"Jowie Schulner – Emotronic Diary; Schulner’s 60-minute opus is a very interesting album. While it will certainly appeal to the IDM enthusiast who enjoys Solar Fields/Carbon Based Lifeforms/Aes Dana, that sort of thing, there’s also a curiously vintage feel to the album that’s redolent of older acts like Jean Michel Jarre, Wavestar or eighties Tangerine Dream. Me, I like those things just fine. Hence, this album’s beats are not cluttered and claustrophobic, more spacious, classic, driving sounds that augment the nifty vintage lead synth sounds and sequenced rhythms. I hear “emotronic” is a thing, but I don’t really keep up with weird genre names. All I know is this is some tasty classic melodic instrumental electronic pop music, good for the dancefloor but also for close listening." - MakeYourOwnTaste (Blog)

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